To Be or Not To Be?

"Bitch I might be." -Billy Shakespeare

"There is only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired."


GSU Alum.
Berge Blanco.
The Gilded Age.

Sailing to Byzantium.

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Not so gently lost my Rocky Horror Show virginity tonight.

Christ, I haven’t been up this late sober since forever.

I’ve eaten so much pizza in the past 10 days, my stomach probably thinks I’m dating an Italian.

Fun fact:

K’s grandma likes me

meanwhile, K’s mother never liked my relationship with her daughter 

Over here making my DvLW jacket and supposedly a cop shot someone at GSU. I don’t miss that campus tbh.

Midtown and Buckhead > Downtown any day brah

Dnnah duh dnnh dnnh duh duh!
Dnnah dnh duh duh duh dahhhhhh!

Ol’ Dirty Bastard

(aka ODB aka Dirt McGirt aka Ol’ Dirty Chinese Restaurant)

Someone give me $5,000 for Lasik eye surgery


I chase you for two years and nothing. What, now you’re into me?

I got a Tiffany and Co. ring today amidst lots of red wine and pizza. And…worst of all I’m in love. I know that it’s gonna get fragile eventually so it’s nice to enjoy this while it lasts. I love that you’re in Atlanta for the time being. It’s been almost a decade of me saying that there’s nothing between us. I can’t deny that anymore. I kinda wish I could go back to being the cold, single person I was. But this is nice. Real nice. Thank you for making the end of summer worth it. Even in the midst of my family’s troubles.