To Be or Not To Be?

"Bitch I might be." -Billy Shakespeare

"There is only the pursued, the pursuing, the busy, and the tired."


GSU Alum.
Berge Blanco.
The Gilded Age.

Sailing to Byzantium.

Feel free to follow.

Torn between wanting to watch The Trap documentary and trashy reality TV

"They sell Voss water at TJ Maxx now"

"Is it called ‘Moss water’? You know, because it’s TJ Maxx? Like Maxxinista?"


Why r my arms/hands so veiny? like gawwd

thebayougentleman asked: nothing is more cringe worthy than seeing a kid wearing cargos, nike socks, and sperrys. w a curve bill and a polo tee...


That would be the type of kid I would waste a beer on by throwing it at him

The Nightcall

The Nightcall